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Joe Wainer
Joe WainerUpdated 6 days ago

Free video-sharing app for Android

Rumble is a free video-sharing platform that lets you upload, stream and vote on videos with ease. It has all the features of YouTube, but without ads or subscriptions. With the latest development of Rumble, users are able to upload videos from their phones and create channels for themselves. 

Not only is this a great way to share your content with the world, but it also provides you an opportunity to talk directly with other creators who have similar interests as yourself. Rumble also lets you earn from the videos you share. Unlike other apps, you won't need many views before your video starts earning money in Rumble. 

Rumble app features 

Rumble is a live streaming and video hosting platform that is designed to be easy for users of all levels. The app is equipped with a smooth UI, automated stream creation tools with instant monetization features, and channel management controls such as editing or disabling comments on videos. Rumble also offers licensing, which allows creators to manage the rights of their content in various ways, including blocking specific regions from viewing your content or selling it outright through one-time purchases where you get 100% revenue share. 

How is Rumble different from YouTube?

Rumble is a YouTube alternative that makes your videos easily searchable and accessible. Co-founder, Pavlovski created this app for unlimited access to the world's content in one place. 

In the response to YouTube video creators complaining about how their videos were being pushed out of the algorithm because of all the clips from professional video publishers. So, Rumble was created as a result. Pavlovski said, ‘The idea came up when I started seeing my own friends uploading great comedy sketches or whatever they have made without any luck whatsoever’.

The introduction of Rumble came at a time when many YouTubers were frustrated with the service. YouTube was creating greater hurdles for having videos show up on feeds, as it favored clips from professional video publishers. Additionally, YouTube is known for giving content with high levels of engagement an extra boost, giving popular creators a significant advantage. Rumble levels the playing field by not actively promoting videos, giving everyone an even chance to gain popularity. 

How can you earn money on Rumble?

Lots of people upload their videos to YouTube and try to monetize them. Channel operators must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of total watch time to earn any sort of financial benefit from this site. However, it can take a long time to build an audience and accumulate the needed watch time, especially when just getting started. 

Rumble, on the contrary, works differently. The Rumble app is easy to use and makes it possible for anyone with a smartphone camera can make money. The developers of the app pay video creators. All you need is an idea. If Rumble approves your video, not only will you get paid by them but your videos will also be placed on the front page, which guarantees more views. 

There are four ways to make money off user submissions and Rumble determines your video's quality within 24 hours. You can choose whether to share revenue or sell it upfront for cash giving up all exclusive rights. Alternatively, you can give Rumble non-exclusive rights to use the video while you still own the full rights. Rumble is partnered with many popular sites like MSN, Xbox, MTV, and Yahoo, and due to these partnerships, videos submitted to the app are also featured on these sites as well, which helps increase even more possible revenue. Lastly, users can earn more cash by simply tagging and sharing videos.

Create videos and earn money 

Anyone can now monetize videos with Rumble. The app is very similar to popular video sites like YouTube and is easy to start sharing your videos with the world instantly. With four different ways to earn cash off your videos, this platform is great for those who have more than one hobby or talent. 

One important note is to make sure to fully read all the fine print before signing up and uploading content. The fine print will detail the types of videos that are allowed, which will prevent any surprises of banned content or getting a video you uploaded flagged as inappropriate footage.


  • Monetize your videos in four different ways
  • Easier to monetize than YouTube
  • Promote your videos on popular third-party sites


  • App is battery-intensive

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Rumble APK for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.17
  • 4.3
  • (30)
  • APK Status

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